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When I speak with prospects regarding our Executive suites tampa Jason Garrison Lightning Jersey , I often play detective so I can see what the best office space solution is for them. I have spoken with several prospects who are considering subleasing an office space in addition to considering executive suites. Yes, the initial price on a sublease can seem very attractive compared to executive suites but the ugly can come out in the end if you are not careful. Here are just a few of the concerns I’ve heard from my prospects.

1. The initial setup of an office space can hit you where it hurts (that being your wallet). There may be out of pocket expenses at the beginning such as furniture, Internet setup, phones, paint, carpet cleaning J.T. Brown Lightning Jersey , and set up fees for each of these different vendors. Yes, the rent for the office space may look appealing but at the end these initial extras can put you over the top. And don’t forget about the headache of getting everything setup by yourself! Executive suites manage this process for you so you can focus on your business, which is huge for the time crunched professional.

2. The office space is typically “what you see is what you get”. Since you are not signing for a 3-10 year lease with the landlord or building owner, they have no incentive to give you tenant improvement funds or make any changesupgrades. Most often, any changes will come out of your pocket. This isn't necessarily the case when it comes to exectutive suites.

3. You are not the most important person to the landlord or office space building owner. They just want you in the space but don’t really care about your needs. At executive suites, the client is often the top priority. Happy clients not only stay longer but make for a pleasant work environment and refer their friends and colleagues. So if you want great customer service and to have your needs addressed Brian Boyle Lightning Jersey , you may want to stick with Executive office.

4. In subleasing office space instead of executive suites you are bound by a contract that two other parties signed. You are bound by the obligations of the existing contract with the building owner and will not have an opportunity to renegotiate. What works for one party may not work for you. Usually commercial space leases are 30-60 pages long with very unique verbiage. Definitely consider the cost of an attorney to look it over. You can find yourself caught in an agreement for several years with drastic annual rate increase (see #5 below). Executive suites, however, have a shorter “agreement” that can be navigated by the lay person rather than a traditional “lease” that may require an attorney’s review.

5. Triple Net comes into play when dealing with commercial leases. You will pay a portion of the building’s utilities, insurance, maintenance and taxes at the end of the year. If this isn’t something you prepare for it can come as a huge hit to your bottom line. CAM charges can vary year over year so watch out for not only rent increases each year but CAM variances and increases when it’s time for that new roof or other common area maintenance or upgrades. With executive suites, there are no worries about CAM charges or other maintenance fees.

It is true that subleasing can save you dollars versus the cost of standard direct leasing of traditionalexecutive suites and the time commitment required may be less with a sublease. However Brett Howden Lightning Jersey , there are plenty of things to keep your eye on. As you can see, there are many things to consider in these types of transactions, and you may even think of more.

If you are looking for short term space with convenience and ease, I suggest you consider New Urban Suites which boasts a prime location in Tampa, FL. The eco-friendly office is the area’s first New Construction LEED Certified Office Building and is centrally located on 7th Avenue in Ybor City.

Finding the right office suites for your small business is where New Urban Suites comes in. Whether you’re looking for executive suites or office suites, we provide that executive office feel small businesses seek out. We offer office solutions to meet any business’ needs and budget. Full-time Braydon Coburn Lightning Jersey , furnished executive suites include full technology including a dedicated phone line with personalized call answering, Internet, garage parking, and allow access to three conference rooms, a full kitchen, copy Ben Bishop Lightning Jersey , print and fax services, and clerical services. Virtual offices provide a professional business address, mail and package handling, as well as a dedicated phone number with live reception. Virtual office clients enjoy all the services and amenities of a complete office at a fraction of the price. Schedule a tour today of our executive suites by contacting New Urban Suites. When you decide to hire any personal injury lawyer, you will have to take several factors into consideration. First of all, you should know that a lawyer performs his duty in lieu of money. He charges his clients for providing service. His personal feedback’s are not available free of cost. Keeping it in mind Anton Stralman Lightning Jersey , you will have to seek for an experienced lawyer or attorney who has efficiency to get victory over opponents. It is found frequently that legal experts are unwilling to work with someone who is not ready to pay them higher fees. For this reason, you should calculate how much you can pay your attorneys for winning the case.

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