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get to learn English since their childhood.
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Onderwerp: get to learn English since their childhood.
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Breast Cancer Survivors and Pilates You have heard about it Wholesale Boston Celtics Jerseys , but what is it?Pilates is a mindbody exercise technique that stretches and lengthens the body with flowing movements. It is unique because many of the exercises are performed in a gravity eliminated position, and one does not have to stand. Thus, you can exercise in supine (lying face up), prone(lying face down) or in side lying. This allows the body to be centered and the spine aligned with less stress on the neck and back.Who is Joseph Pilates?Joseph Pilates was the originator of over 500 exercises. He was influenced by yoga and tai chi. Consequently, many of the exercises may look familiar if you practice yoga. Pilates is based on the concept of "controllogy" which aims to coordinate mind, body and spirit. Proper breathing techniques and body mechanics are strongly emphasized along with control and precision. He believed that the quality of the movement was important, not the quantity. Every exercise is an abdominal exercise, as he believed that the center of the body and the spine was a true indicator of one's health. In addition, there are exercises created for scapular stabilization (the winged bones in your back) that are important for shoulder mobility and strength.How does Pilates address the issues faced by breast cancer survivors?Pilates exercises have been around since the 1920's. Since that time, it has come a long way. There are many schools fo thought which have modified the original classic style of Pilates. In addition Wholesale Brooklyn Nets Jerseys , occupational therapists and physical therapists have taken the techniques and used them in physical rehabilitation for back pain, Parkinson's Disease and even autism.Breast cancer survivors face many physical challenges after undergoing breast cancer surgery and treatment. This is compounded by the stress of a life threatening condition. Pilates is an exercise technique that can help both mind and body recover and rehabilitate slowly.What are some of the issues faced by survivors?The biggest issue faced by most breast cancer survivors is fatigue ,both during and after cancer treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy can cause one to feel unable to function and perform one's daily activities. This fatigue can be overwhelming and increases with the combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.Pilates can offer a gentle, low- impact re-introductionintroduction to exercise which can help one to regain strength and endurance. It is much easier to perform an exercise if you can lie down and not worry about the number of repetitions! However, to do Pilates correctly, you must concentrate. The benefits will be clearly demonstrated to you if you keep at it, and gradually build up by participating at least 2xweek.Pain and loss of range of motion in the shoulder and chest are other common issues. Since many exercises are performed in the supine position, the neck and back are supported. This makes it easier to feel the correct muscles working from the back of the shoulder which help to regain strength in the shoulder girdle. As one stretches to open up the chest Wholesale Charlotte Hornets Jerseys , the back is comfortably positioned . What matters is not the height of the arm when raised, but the isolation of the scapular stabilization muscles such as the middle trapezius and rhomboids which help one to regain the correct muscular balance.Posture is another area of concern that many survivors can face after surgery. You may have noticed that your back has rounded, and that your head and shoulders are forward. Pilates teaches you how to resume an erect posture with a neutral spine, and then works on restoring strength. You have to focus and concentrate on how your body feels when it is correctly aligned. Therefore, each exercise is performed efficiently and with control. In addition, there are specific Pilates exercises such as body extension and swimming which can help to stretch the tight chest muscles while strengthening the back. This helps one to regain proper muscle balance and strength in the back. When doing Pilates, it is helpful to bring your shoulders down and press those wing bones we previously mentioned "into your back pocket." Many Pilates practitioners use visual imagery to help you connect your mind and body to the exercise. This is unique, and this is another way of helping you to perform the exercise correctly.Another issue is lymphedema. Many women are warned about not exercising the arm vigorously and to protect the arm from trauma and repetitive use.You may have heard not to lift heavy weights. Consequently, the arm becomes weaker and you are unable to perform daily living activities or engage in previously enjoyed leisure pursuits. It is important to strengthen the arm gradually. Since many Pilates exercises are abdominal exercises, they are a natural fit for those concerned about lymphedema.Abdominal work can enhance pumping to the thoracic duct ( the main area of lymphatic return for the left side of the neck Wholesale Chicago Bulls Jerseys , left arm, trunk and legs). Deep breathing and muscular contractions help to propel lymphatic fluid out of the area at risk. One uses inhalation to prepare for the exercise, exhalation as you perform the exercise. This emphasis upon breathing works the deep transverse rectus abdominal muscles, ensures that the body is stable, and promotes relaxation.Some Important Tips to Consider Before You Begin1) Always obtain doctors clearance before participating in Pilates or any exercise program2) Be sure to obtain a baseline DEXA ( bone density test) to see if you have bone thinning or low bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis). Trunk flexion and trunk rotation (bending and twisting of the spine) are not recommended. There are many Pilates exercises that do use these movements. However, they can be modified if you have these conditions.3) Work with a Pilates practitioner that has experience with the special issues faced by breast cancer survivors. It is important to seek out someone who can adapt or change t S. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys
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