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If you get a quick bowl for Christmas this year, you might be wondering how best to give it a good deep cleaning right now. There are quite a few corners, crevices and surfaces on the sleek tool, after all, which makes it a little tricky to give it a thorough cleaning.

You are definitely not the only one with immediate cleaning questions. In fact, a user claims that they recently found a larval infestation (!) Growing in their condensation collector after they mistakenly forgot to clean the obscure region, according to Yak!

While this can happen to anyone, the overall situation can be easily avoided. To prevent build up of sediment in your immediate bowl, you simply need to give the machine a good wash after every meal you cook.

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Specifically, there are eight main parts that will need to be cleaned after each use, according to Subbu Cooks. The inner pot, base, rivet, cap, silicone ring, pressure valve, condensing collector, and anti-block shield are the areas that can become a problem if they are crossed.

If you notice a lingering scent in your immediate bowl, it probably comes from a silicone ring, which can stick to food odors. After taking it out for cleaning, just make sure the ring is positioned correctly when placed again, otherwise the pressure cooker will not be closed properly. You can also buy inexpensive alternative rings if your original parts no longer exist.
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