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Be sure not to OSRS gold pass certain checkpoints. For instance, if you would like to earn a Pure that specializes in Ranged, be certain to optimize this stat while maintaining your melee statistics low. If you would like to sneak particular attack of a Granite Maul inside, head for 50 in Attack and Strength although nothing more than that. You will also want at least 43 Prayer for defensive prayers like Protect By Melee. The more tools and special attacks which you get, the greater your Combat Level will rise, so always pay attention to how much levels you go for.

MOST FREQUENTLY SUPPRESSED STATS. As a Combat Pure, you constantly have to pick at the start which skills are more crucial to your character than others. Suppressing a few of the skills, significantly lowers the Combat Level of character which results in easier targets to kill. You do not want to produce your melee training too quickly as it will affect your capacity to strike high numbers, and therefore, it is going to give your enemy much more time to recoup health via food.

This is why Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer skills are normally those which are lower level. It's really hard to estimate which of the skills are the least important, therefore it is up to player tastes which ones to stay low and which to max. When deciding, don't forget that the lower your level is, the simpler enemies you are able to fight, and so, the more successful you'll be.

When it comes to the most suppressed stat, it is generally Defence, which is not essential for PVP. The higher the target's Defence level, the lower is your opportunity to land an assault on him . However, it does not decrease the amount of damage that you are able to deal. This skill is also accountable for your ability to wear equipment. You won't be able to put on a fantastic helmet or buy RS gold armour without fulfilling the Defence level requirement. It is the vital part since better gear can decrease the quantity of damage you take.
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